Why should you choose our Agency?

100% Quality

Each of my bridal stylists has successfully completed a completed & qualified Hair & Makeup education.
We only accept stylists for our agency who have the necessary know-how and competencies.

Flexible Experts

Whether at home with you, in a hotel or in another country.
We are 100% flexible.

Larger Weddings & Several stylings

The agency makes everything possible!
You have a big wedding with 10 or more guests getting a hair and / or makeup styling ?!
We will send you as many experts as necessary to realize the entire styling up to at least 1 hour before wedding ceremony.

Concentrated Experience

We are a team and you benefit from it.
Because our bridal stylists have experience and regularly educate themselves in seminars on hair and makeup styling.

Full Service

Which agency is this service offered to?
Concentrated competence & a suitable bridal package for every wedding.
The full service allows you to flexibly choose your own bridal and travel package.

100% Safety for your Styling

We guarantee you security for your wedding day.
There is nothing worse when the bride stylist just before a short before or does not even appear.
Even if the case of illness or accident should occur, we have enough professionals who are ready for your styling.

The Sequence

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